Design Narrative

A Sip of Paradise is a branding campaign for the product Bliss. Bliss is a canned Moscato that comes in three main flavors, mango,  lemon/lime, and passion fruit. The target audience for Bliss is women aged 35-55. According to a statistic by the Wine Industry Advisory, in the United States, women are more likely to buy wine than men, making them the perfect target audience. The goal is to create a connection between the target audience and the product. The design of the product follows traditional tropic patterns, similar to Tommy Bahama or Vineyard Vines. These are designed as a reminder of a past vacation or fun beach time for the target audience. The main colors are pink, green, and orange. These provide a soft, tropical sense to go along with the nostalgia factor. The branding campaign will include a logo that represents community, inclusivity, and nature, with a small hibiscus flower to strengthen the tropical tone. It will also include a website that is simple to navigate and offers the target audience a closer insight into the product. Lastly, the campaign will include a mural that will be used around beach towns or cities, billboards, and on media outlets. Canned wine is currently the fastest-growing category in the wine field, this is due to the convenience of the product. This is a very competitive market, and what separates Bliss from other canned wines is the nostalgic strategy. Most canned wines are marketed towards a younger age group with modern design.