Design Narrative

Changing the Narrative is a Starbucks Campaign that partners with the group Elyssa’s Mission to raise awareness of rising suicide and depression rates in the United States. The target audience for the campaign is girls aged 12-18. In 2021, the  CDC reported that suicide and depression rates were up 50.6% among teenage girls. In the past 2 years, these statistics have been steadily increasing. By working with Elyssa’s mission and donating proceeds to the group, they can grow in the demographic. The colors in this campaign will be the traditional Starbucks green, combined with the lavender from Elyssa’s Mission logo. The campaign will feature illustrations to follow the brand identity of Starbucks. These illustrations will show people on their phones which will visualize the mission of the campaign. The campaign will include a small pamphlet, styled as a magazine article that will be available in Starbucks all around the world for people to read while waiting for their orders. In this article, they will learn about the campaign and raise awareness. Lastly, there will be two social posts with the hashtag #changingthenarrative.This campaign will raise awareness for those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.