Design Narrative

The campaign “Roll On” is a branding campaign for a future Rolling Stones Tour of the United States. The limited tour will have them visit three cities: Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas. The target audience for this campaign will be all Rolling Stones fans, which range from 18 to 60, since this is such a large audience, the goal is to focus the design around the band’s new brand identity. The theme will be bold and vivid, it must connect with the rock and roll style of the band. The object is to design merchandise the fans will want to buy at the concerts, the idea is that the target audience will use these designs as artwork to hang up, wear, or have on their belongings. Each city will include its own set of colors, that will follow along in the merchandise. Los Angeles will be a bright red and yellow, these two colors relate closest to the band’s original logo, and pull a connection between the band and their first American tour starting in this city. Miami will be strong green and blue since the city is known for its beaches, this will be a good visual connection for the target audience. Las Vegas will be bright pink and purple, this will go nicely with the romantic or, even, scandalous vibe of the city. The project will include 1 poster for each city, ticket designs, merchandise such as t-shirts and towels, along with a billboard. The design concept of the posters will show the band’s logo, shining over the city as a sun, this will give a strong concept of how the band will present itself in each place. The merchandise and billboard will be different variations of these posters. The goal of this campaign is to create a bold and vivid concept that the target audience will enjoy, and overall capture the band’s identity.