Design Narrative

Make Your Vacation Golden is a Branding Campaign for minimal designed shimmer sunscreen. The target audience will be women aged 18-35. This age group statistically focuses on the minimalist style and buying their products based on brand design. Around this age range, women typically start to buy their own products and there is more room for  brand loyalty. The design  is  minimal and clean. The purpose is to design the sunscreen as a brand that can be trusted. By using a minimal color palette of golden and white, they will work together to connect the brand tagline of “Make Your Vacation Golden” with a minimal and trusting style. The font will be Lao MN which is a clean and easy to read type, that follows along with the design. The goal of the campaign is to grow brand loyalty, and encourage people to use sunscreen rather than tanning oil. The campaign will include a logo, product design, billboard, poster, and social post. the logo will be designed in gold material to reference the shimmer part of the sunscreen, and the product design will be plain white, with the logo and minimal type. The billboard and poster will feature the product and tagline, along with a simple photo of a woman, who represents the target audience, on the beach. The merchandise will include the main logo. The branding of Golden Shore will appeal to the aesthetic of the target audience, while encouraging them to wear sunscreen. 


Advertising Design

The ad and poster will include the tagline with an image of a woman who is in the age group of the target audience on the beach smiling with the product, to let the viewers visualize themselves with the sunscreen. This  branding will pull in a strong target audience with minimal designs.