Design Narrative

Welcome Y‘all is a rebranding campaign for the restaurant Jack’s BBQ, located in St. Augustine, FL, across from St. Augustine beach. The main consumer base is a small group of locals aged 40-60. For this rebranding, the target audience will be locals and tourists. The target age will be 21-30, it is proven that people between these ages spend the most time in bars. Due to the college town atmosphere, and strong beach community, this will increase sales drastically. Statistics show that up to 6 million people visit St. Augustine each year, by targeting the tourist demographic, the restaurant will bring in more people, and become the place to go. Due to the location, it is the perfect spot after a long day at the beach. The overall tone will be fun and playful. The four main colors will be yellow, orange, green, and blue. These were chosen to emphasize a fun and carefree environment. The main typeface will be Ice Cream, paired with Avenir as the text to create a nice compliment. This rebranding campaign will include a new logo with a fun design that will capture the target audience and convey them to buy merchandise. The merchandise will be a fun accessory the customers can buy for friends, family, or themselves, this will be a nice reminder of the brand. With new social media, the target audience can keep up with the brand, and interact with the company on a media base. This rebranding campaign will separate Jack’s BBQ from other competitors by having a strong social presence, a fun environment, and being the only outside bar on the beach strip.