Design Narrative

The goal of the campaign is to persuade  the target audience to buy  the drink,  strengthen brand loyalty, and encourage them to be more active in their daily lives. The target audience for this campaign is 25-34, 51% of people in the US  between this age range drink Kombucha. The target audience will be  living in urban areas, specifically Portland, Oregon. The overall tone will be bold and inspirational. The color scheme will follow along with this  message with bold tones of purple, blue, and orange, these will correspond with the following flavors: clear mind, citrus earl grey, and ginger turmeric. The main typeface will be Balboa bold, to enforce the bold tone.The campaign will  include, three print ads, an Instagram post that brings the print ads to a social space. The print ads will include a poster of the original ad, and a modified version on a car. The Instagram post will follow the main message by  showing people being active on the kombucha bottle, encouraging the  viewers to be active. The post will go along with the hashtag#BrewTheBoost, every time a viewer posts the ads on their story , with the hashtag, they will be able to get 20% off their next buy. This campaign will stand out from the competition because of its direct contact and interactive style with the target audience.